Puebla: New venue for Expo Transporte

Puebla: New venue for Expo Transporte

October 16-18, 2019

The Asociación Nacional de Productores de Autobuses, Camiones y Tractocamiones (ANPACT) chose to hold the Expo Transporte ANPACT 2019 at the Centro Expositor Puebla from October 16 to 18, 2019. Miguel Elizalde, CEO of ANPACT, stated: “The decision made by the Association’s Board of Directors of bringing the Expo Transporte to Puebla is in great part thanks to biggest, the state of the art, no-column compound in Mexico, which is three driving-hours away from more than 40% of the road transport companies in the country, making it a highly competitive venue, in addition to the brilliant attention and service the administration are providing”.

“Puebla is an ever-growing city, which means a better investment offer for our expositors”, he added. “This change represents a new, positive opportunity for Expo Transporte ANPACT’s maturity, going into its eighteenth edition”. Roberto Trauwitz Echeguren, Secretary of Culture and Tourism, pointed out that Puebla has consolidated as a great destination for holding congresses and conventions, as household Expos have increasingly arrived at the state.

Trauwitz Echeguren thanked the organisers and pointed out that “the entity will support by any means so that the 2019 edition is the most successful one so far”.

From its first edition in 1997, Expo Transporte ANPACT has taken place seventeen successful times at Guadalajara in 20 years. Along its history, more than 5,300 expositors have used more than 650,00 square meters of exhibition floor, making Expo Transporte ANPACT one the most important and notable commercial fairs at national level.

In 2017 alone, Expo Transporte ANPACT flooded 59,000 square meters with over 400 expositors that offered their products and services to more than 45,000 attendants, making over $1,500 million pesos in economic spill for the venue city. This only portrays how ANPACT is the biggest business exposition in Mexico.

The expo is operated by “Barrera y Nogueira”, who are in charge of commercialising spaces. You can find more information on this and further matters on our website www.expotransporte.org or you can contact us by phone +52(55) 5254-1654 or email info@bynexpo.com